According to Izabelle Bellamy, a technician at East London’s Stunt Dolly’s Salon, acrylic nails shouldn’t damage your real nails. However, they often do due to poor technique by salon technicians (via Refinery29). She tells Refinery29, “The real damage is caused by heavy-handed nail technicians. Be wary of over-filling and drilling, this will cause weak and peeling nails — and even painful results.” To limit the damage done to your natural nails, always make sure that you go to a professional, reputable salon to ensure you receive the best care each time.

If you’re a regular and consistently get acrylic nails and refills, be sure to take a three- to six-month break from the salon to allow them to heal and get them back to their prime health (via Clutch Nails). Get your nails removed by professional salon technicians to avoid any damage to your bed.

Post source: The List

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