Drama rocked the Love Island villa once more in Thursday night’s episode as Ekin-Su and Jay clashed. The pair have been coupled up for the past few days after Ekin-Su chose Jay, leaving Davide single.

Jay and Ekin-Su ruffled some feathers in the villa when they shared a kiss on the terrace whilst Ekin-Su was coupled up with Davide. Davide and Ekin-Su ended up in a screaming match with Davide ending his relationship with Ekin-Su.

Since they coupled up the pair found themselves in the bottom three boys and girls in a public vote. The pair kept their place in the villa as Ikenna and Amber were dumped as the least popular islanders.

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However since then Jay has been distant from Ekin-Su and has been on a date with new girl Antigoni. Jay has also expressed an interest in getting to know Paige despite saying he would have left with Ekin-Su if she was dumped from the island.

Tonight viewers watched as Jay pulled Ekin-Su aside for a chat telling her that he wants to get to know Paige. Despite being shocked, Ekin-Su accepted what Jay wanted to do.

He then went off to talk to Jacques who is currently coupled up with Paige to tell him that he wants to get to know Paige. He then praised the way that fiery Ekin-Su handled the situation – but he spoke too soon.

Ekin-Su came flying out of the traps and pulled Jay for another chat at the firepit. She then called Jay a ‘mug’ for the way he has been with her before saying that he deserves an Oscar for the way he has behaved towards her.

During the kick-off the other islanders got involved and Jacques called Ekin-Su a ‘f****** headache’. However fans were left divided over the argument with some thinking Jay was right while others felt that Ekin-Su was correct.

@mufcOsa said: “Ekin-su is the literal definition of a hypocrite.” @aident06 also said: “Ekin-Su expecting an apology yet not giving Davide one? Such a hypocrite.”

@BigTeezo added: “It was calm for Ekin-Su to do Davide wrong but Jay wanting to do the same is a problem? Looooool.” @fcocox also added: “I don’t think Jay did anything wrong, Ekin-Su is just a hothead lol.”

Whilst @Dressedinbl_ck said: “Ekin-Su wasn’t wrong though.” @roylenthusiast added: “Ekin Su isn’t entirely wrong. Jay wants to get to know Paige now because he knows she is popular with the public.”

@monicalisten also added: “What is wrong with Jay, you have never even spoken to Paige – what is the urgency?” @ami55ah said: “Jay was wrong and Ekin was wrong for what she did to Davide. But they provided drama so..”

Love Island continues everyday at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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