Meet Macaulay Culkin’s 7 Siblings, Including Breakout Star Kieran


Born in 1982, Kieran Culkin stands out as Macaulay Culkin’s most recognizable sibling. According to his IMDb page, his debut acting role was in 1990 in “Home Alone,” where he played Kevin McCallister’s bed-wetting cousin, Fuller McCallister. Throughout the ’90s, Kieran appeared in various films, including starring in “My Summer Story” in 1994 and “Amanda” in 1996. His lead role in the indie comedy “Igby Goes Down” in 2002 earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Kieran honed his skills in smaller productions at the Light Opera of Manhattan, a theater owned by his parents’ friends, as he shared in his 2018 Vanity Fair profile, and has never had any formal acting training. He admitted to hating Macaulay’s early fame, which set the tone for his approach to the business. “I think well-adjusted, smart people that experience [fame] first- or second-hand would not pursue it,” Kieran explained, adding, “I’ll totally take personal happiness over success, absolutely.”

Despite of his initial reservations about the industry, Kieran achieved global recognition through his role as Roman Roy in HBO’s “Succession.” The show depicts the wealthy Roy family and their business undertakings at Waystar Royco, one of the world’s largest media conglomerates. Kieran almost played a different role, that of the insecure Greg Hirsch, but was ultimately cast as Roman. Jesse Armstrong, the creator of “Succession,” told Esquire that “there wasn’t a cigarette paper between [his] vision of the character and [Kieran’s portrayal]. Kieran shares two children with his wife, Jazz Charton.

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