Melanie Lynskey admitted that she was hurt by what happened, but she was quick to explain how their sisterly bond started fizzling out. She told Happy Sad Confused, “It was so painful. It wasn’t like anything happened, it’s just she became a gigantic international movie star. And she didn’t have a lot of time. Suddenly she’d be in Los Angeles and not have time.”

The gorgeous “Coyote Ugly” cast member has reiterated that she understood why they suddenly had to be apart. She further added, “When I was living here and then she’d be there and I wouldn’t hear from her. It just sort of like gradually happened and it happens in relationships, people kind of drift apart.”

Although she acknowledged that’s how the entertainment business works, she’s still hurt by it. It’s not the only time it happened to her, she lost connections in other instances as well. She further shared that one actor she was so glad to have connected with on set has denied her friendship simply because she’s an actor.

Post source: The List

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