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As the curtains fell on the season 7 finale of Selling Sunset, a mosaic of broken friendships, conflicts, and unresolved issues provided the perfect backdrop. In response to the crescendo of drama that unfolded throughout the season, the glamorous members of the Oppenheim Group, spearheaded by owners Jason and Bret, convened with their stunning real estate team for the highly anticipated Selling Sunset season 7 reunion — which has already sparked a flurry of viral memes and reactions. In this televised sit-down, hosted by the effervescent Tan France, the cast laid bare their truths and dissected the most contentious events of the season.

What was the Selling Sunset reunion episode all about?

Straight off the bat, the Selling Sunset season 7 reunion was a visual spectacle unrivalled by other reality TV shows. The episode kicked off with a bang, as the cameras panned in on everyone’s shimmering outfits, setting the stage for a night that was part real estate drama, part Hollywood red carpet glam. Because when you’re dealing with million-dollar mega-mansions, you’ve got to look the part, right?

A commendable facet of the reunion episode was the equitable distribution of narrative weight among all members. From Emma Hernan’s revelations about her love life, to Mary Fitzgerald navigating life after a miscarriage, and Jason Oppenheim’s unveiling of his new romantic interest — every star had their moment in the spotlight. The dynamics of screen time was inevitably influenced by the controversies that enveloped each individual during the latest season, with Chrishell Stause’s tiff with Marie-Lou Nurk, Amanza Smith, and Nicole Young dominating significant portions of the 80-minute spectacle.

In the world of Selling Sunset, the juxtaposition of seriousness and levity has long been a hallmark. Whether delving into Bre Tiesi’s controversial relationship with Nick Cannon or the future of her bond with Chelsea Lazkani, the show effortlessly transitions between intense moments and lightheartedness. Credit is due to the adept hosting skills of Tan France, who navigates these shifts with seamless ease. While drama takes centre stage, Selling Sunset remains true to its real estate roots. Amidst the personal narratives, the show ensures that the business of property sales remains a focal point. Emma Hernan finally seals the deal on Harry Styles’ home which is one of the many exciting updates that fans can anticipate.

selling sunset season 7 reunion memes and reactions
The Selling Sunset season 7 cast at their reunion, which has sparked many viral memes and reactions. (Image: Selling Sunset/ Instagram)

The Selling Sunset season 7 reunion also embraces a progressive narrative, normalising discussions around adult life. In a refreshing departure, cast members openly share experiences ranging from Bre Tiesi’s facial restructuring confession to Chelsea Lazkani’s candid discussion about her breast augmentation. This unapologetic approach adds a contemporary layer to the show, addressing topics often met with trepidation.

As the reunion unfolds, tensions left unresolved during the season resurface. A particular episode saw Nurk implying that Stause may still harbour feelings for Jason Oppenheim, a claim vehemently denied by Stause. Despite assurances from Nurk that she never criticised Stause’s current relationship, the air thickens with lingering tensions, presenting a captivating narrative arc that adds depth to the Selling Sunset season 7 reunion.

Check out the most entertaining reactions to the Selling Sunset season 7 reunion

You can watch the Selling Sunset season 7 reunion, here.

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