Olivia Flowers Talks Backstage Fight With Austen at BravoCon


Olivia Flowers Discusses Backstage Fight With Austen Kroll at BravoCon, His New Girlfriend, and Where They Stand, Plus Their Bahamas Trip and Last Hookup With Southern Charm Costar

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Olivia Flowers opened up about a backstage fight she had with Austen Kroll at BravoCon while appearing on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Thursday.

In addition to looking back on their recent trip to the Bahamas with her new boyfriend and sharing where she and Austen, 36, stand with one another today, the Southern Charm cast member, 31, revealed Austen has a new girlfriend and confirmed when they last hooked up.

On the November 30 episode of The Viall Files, Olivia admitted that a moment at the Southern Charm panel event led to backstage drama between her and Austen.

“[It was the] first time we’re all on stage together since filming so it’s a little heated,” Olivia described. “[And] someone’s question to Austen was like, ‘How should you have approached it better with Shep with the Taylor thing?’ … Austen proceeded to say ‘Well, what was I supposed to do? Just like, lie to Shep and keep talking to Taylor and then lie to him again?’ And I interrupted and I said, ‘Well that’s what you told Taylor to do with me.’ And the audience had a reaction.”

Once they exited the stage, Austen approached Olivia and told her, “F*ck you Olivia! F*ck you!”

“He just got so mad cause he gets himself in these situations, people react and have an opinion but he needs someone to blame for it so because I initiated the conversation that had other people boo’ing him, it’s my fault,” Olivia explained.

Things got so “heated” between her and Austen, who made waves with his alleged hookup with her now-ex-best friend Taylor Ann Green, 28, amid season nine, that she threw her snacks at him.

“I was eating like a bag of peanuts cause I was f*cking starving and I just threw it at him. That’s how mad I was,” Olivia revealed. “I just threw away my snack on his face. And people were like separating us. We were just screaming at each other, and then went to the Bahamas four days later.”

While Olivia and Austen weren’t in a good place when they left BravoCon, mutual friends got them back together for their friendly getaway.

“So we have mutual friends that have this sick place in the Bahamas, and he and I both got them in the divorce so they invited us both on this trip with like a group of people and we both went,” Olivia explained, noting that she took the guy she’s seeing and Austen took “his new girlfriend.”

“We were able to put all our bullsh*t aside when we were around these adults, and people who don’t give a sh*t about the charm drama so we were in the Bahamas together… two weeks ago,” she noted.

As for her last hookup with Austen, Olivia said it dates back to October 2022.

“We were back together like openly, so like Bravocon. Not this BravoCon but last year,” she clarified.

Southern Charm season nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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