Penn Badgley opened up about the decision to stop filming sex scenes for his hit Netflix series You.

The 36-year-old actor went viral earlier this year when he revealed that he requested not be involved in sexual scenes in the show’s fourth season.

During a new episode of his podcast, he recalled the conversation he had with You showrunner Sera Gamble and why he felt so strongly about the decision.

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Penn welcomed Sera on for a recent episode of his Podcrushed podcast. During it, she explained that the conversation was “not a very difficult” one.

“Nobody was saying, ‘I refuse to do something,” she said. “My job in that conversation was just to like pinpoint exactly what you were asking for and what was making you uncomfortable.”

The actor chimed in, saying that physical touch is something “that you can’t simulate” while filming.

“It just comes down to that. It’s like, not everybody has to do this in their job,” he explained.

When he first revealed the request, Penn had even more to say on the topic.

While Penn seems to be putting intimate content on pause for the foreseeable future, another of his co-stars opened up about their perception of sex scenes. They have drastically different opinions.

There was a major announcement about You earlier this year.

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