Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are on a historic trip to Rwanda; they’re the first members of the royal family to visit the country, per People. As part of their visit, they attended Kigali Fashion Week, and Camilla told Charles it was time to pose for pictures. To which Charles said, according to Roya Nikkah on Twitter, “She’s very bossy!”

One fan said the interaction showed the influence Camilla has had on the Prince of Wales “I believe Camilla has been good for him, a combination of happiness and mellowing as he ages makes a good PoW”. Another tweeted about the couple, noting “how close they are.”

One tweeted about the fact that this didn’t seem like the first time Camilla worked to keep Charles in line at a public event, “Even during the [Platinum Jubilee] she was always having to nudge him for something. He listens to her you can tell”. That pattern has been noticed by others; one tweeted “I must admit Charles is rather hard to stand still during photo ops, Camilla is always there to instruct him.” For a couple with such a rocky start to their romantic relationship, they seem to have found their rhythm.

Post source: The List

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