Royal Baby Names That Were Completely Unexpected


Come to think of it, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was the harbinger of significant change in the British royal family. Not long after he was born in 2019, his parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to exit the royal family, marking a radical breakaway that altered the course of Britain’s monarchy. 

His name itself — a shortened version of Archibald, which means “bold or brave” — is reflective of his parents’ defiance. It is also irrevocably tied to their humanitarian ventures with the Archewell Foundation, which the couple said was an early inspiration for their son’s name. Though Archie was born in Britain, he is growing up in the United States, where his forename wasn’t particularly popular — until his arrival, that is!

Highlighting Harry and Meghan’s agency in naming their child, Cleveland Evans of the American Name Society told Time: “They probably want to modernize it and want the royal family to be seen as regular people, which is why they’d choose a name like Archie, which at the moment is a regular, everyday British boy’s name.” Harrison, meanwhile, fittingly alludes to the son of Harry. Archie’s last name is the only major part of his title that acknowledges his lineage, used in the event of his lack of a royal title. It can be read as a dedication to Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip, who “was never allowed to call his children by his own surname,” royal author Penny Junor told the BBC. 

Post source: The List

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