'Vanderpump Rules' star Scheana Shay reacted to Raquel Leviss saying everyone on the show cheats on her podcast.

Scheana Shay reacted to Raquel Leviss saying that everyone on the Vanderpump Rules cast cheats on an episode of her podcast earlier this month.

While also addressing her reported diss track against her former co-star, sharing what gave her closure, and shaming Raquel, 29, for her efforts to portray herself as a victim amid their restraining order drama, Scheana, 38, shaded Raquel’s lack of accountability and revealed why she didn’t show up to court.

“Because she was in Tom Sandoval’s bed. That’s why,” Scheana declared on the September 1 episode of Scheananigans. “Paparazzi saw her leaving that next morning.”

Although Scheana wishes Raquel “the best” as she pursues a lifestyle away from the cameras of Pump Rules following her controversial affair with Sandoval, 40, she hopes she will continue “to get the help she still needs and work on herself and stay in therapy and try to be a better person.”

“She did a really f*cked up thing for a long time and I just hope one day she can realize that instead of this doubling down, not taking accountability narrative because that just doesn’t fly,” Scheana noted.

After Raquel said on Bethenny Frankel‘s podcast last month that she and Scheana weren’t as close as many assumed, nor was she an off-camera friend of Ariana Madix, 38, Scheana admitted the lies made it easier for her to move on from their friendship.

“Her dismissing our friendship and her acting like it was some like quid pro quo even … all of that has helped me fully move on from anything I was still feeling about her,” she shared. “I really hoped she was going to come out of this facility, have a diagnosis, have a treatment plan.”

“Then you throw Graham on top of it,” Scheana continued, giving a nod to the way in which Raquel turned the dog she once shared with James Kennedy, 31, over to a rescue center (who ultimately contacted Lisa Vanderpump, 62, and had the dog returned to James).

According to Scheana, she believes Raquel filed a restraining order against her to paint a certain narrative.

“I feel like she was just trying to make this public spectacle about her allegations against me, filing the TRO and all of that because I think she thought it would maybe reframe the narrative and people would see, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s the victim, not Ariana, Raquel was the victim,’ when I know for a fact that Raquel called people that night after I pushed her and said, ‘Scheana acted reasonably. I deserved it. I would never press charges. I totally deserved that,’” Scheana revealed. “Now, I think she said, I saw somewhere, that I socked her in the eye.”

Following Raquel’s claims against her, Scheana denied punching her Pump Rules castmate but admitted to pushing her away as they feuded over the reveal of Raquel’s affair with Sandoval.

“You grabbed my wrist, I pushed you away from me. I didn’t want you touching me… I was so fired up because I just found out that she’d been lying to me for seven months. but also, zero emotion,” Scheana recalled. “If that were me, I would be sobbing, ‘I’m so sorry…’ But it was just like, ‘Whoops, got caught.’”

Scheana went on to state that she never once tried to contact Raquel after the dispute.

“I never tried to speak to you again so you got a restraining order? You said first it was a cooling off period and then … She changed [her] story so many times and it didn’t make sense,” she revealed. “[She] also told Andy Cohen [she] regretted it and [she] wanted to dismiss it but now [she’s] doubling down and saying [she was] assaulted.”

While Scheana had to deal with the legal ramifications involved in having documents filed against her, she said there was a silver lining.

“At the end of the day, I think this provided me some closure. I’ve fully accepted I’m never going to get any sort of apology from her and I don’t need it anymore at this point,” she declared. “This is just who she is. She is not capable of taking accountability and her actions and her behavior further show this is not someone I want in my life.”

As she keeps her distance from Raquel, who has been living in Arizona since completing a two-month mental health treatment program at The Meadows, Scheana is focusing on her ongoing role on Pump Rules and her music career, having recently released “Apples,” which is believed to be a diss track about Raquel.

Of the release, which included lyrics slamming someone as a “narcissist” and a “snake,” Scheana said that once she heard the third installment of Raquel’s interview with Bethenny, she put it out right away.

“When part three came out, I was like, ‘Oh Apples is dropping today.’ We can’t get it on Spotify in a day. We can’t get it on Apple Music in a day. But we can get the lyrics video up in a day. I had to,” she shared, adding, “I think we need to do some Apples merch. So [we’re] working on that.”

Regarding Raquel’s claim about the Pump Rules cast all cheating on each other, Scheana said that the majority of the debauchery took place when they were much younger.

“We were in our 20s and it was like, cheating on both ends. [Kristen Doute, 40] slept with, sorry Kristen, most of Tom’s friends and then Tom and Ariana had their thing when him and Kristen were still together but Kristen was already sleeping with James… It was so messy,” she admitted.

Plus, she added, there were “so many different elements and levels of this affair and betrayal.”

“It wasn’t just like, ‘Oops I banged your friend once. I’m sorry.’ which also, by the way, those took years to come back from,” she noted. “It wasn’t like after [Stassi Schroeder, 35] backhanded Kristen they were best friends sipping rose the next day. It took years.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is expected to premiere on Bravo later this year or early next year.

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