Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Just Made Her Boldest Accusations Against Melania Trump Yet


After journalist and attorney Geraldo Rivera tweeted his disappointment over what he believed was the mistreatment of Melania Trump by the press, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff popped in to share her two cents. Wolkoff retweeted Rivera’s post, writing in her caption that she found the most disheartening thing to be how the lawyer and others “create excuses for Melania Trump, a woman who knowingly lies and covers up her family’s nefarious activities.”

Wolkoff continued by accusing the former First Lady of standing by while Wolkoff’s reputation was defamed by the press and the criminal investigation into the 2017 inaugural funds. The former aide said her employer admitted on record that Wolkoff had served “truthfully and honorably,” but refused to stand up for Wolkoff by sharing this truth with the public. In an earlier 2023 tweet, Wolkoff called Trump “the QUEEN of BETRAYAL, DECEIT, LIES, & GRIFT.” 

Wolkoff has also used former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York to highlight her ex-employer’s way of doing business. “BETRAYAL is the norm in Trump World,” Wolkoff tweeted in November 2023. “As soon as you raise the alarm about their nefarious activities, they make sure to cast you in an unflattering light & GAG you from speaking the truth with false accusations, non-disclosure agreements, & subpoenas.”

Post source: The List

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