Famed for their jaw-dropping net worth and penchant for the finer things in life, Bling Empire: New York cast members Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung are stalwarts in the city’s elite circles. Never shy of flaunting their palatial mansion, their fleet of luxury cars, outstanding haute couture closet and ostentatious lifestyle, this New York couple is the epitome of glamour and opulence.

While Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung are known for their affluence, there are several other interesting facts to know about the couple and their predilection for luxury.

Interesting facts about Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung

Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung’s net worth

Stephen, ranks among the richest cast members of the Netflix show after having a long-drawn career in finance. His wife of over 10 years is a former Mexican supermodel, lawyer and socialite. Celebrity Net Worth reports Stephen Hung to have a staggering net worth of USD 400 million.

However, Netflix Life states, despite the quoted net worth, the Hungs seem to have a higher combined net worth, that can reach up to USD 2 billion.

How did the couple meet?

According to Wall Street Journal, the couple met in Hong Kong when Deborah had gone there on a vacation after completing her law degree. Speaking to the news platform in 2013, Deborah gushed about her husband saying, “I came from a very conservative family. When I met him I didn’t want him to impress me with anything but his mind.” She added, “He has this magnetism. Designers, investors, everyone wants to talk to him.”

Stephen Hung’s earnings and work

Stephen Hung Deborah Hung net worth
Image credit: Stephen Hung/ @stephenhungofficial/ Instagram

Bling Empire: New York cast member Stephen Hung is a prominent name in the finance and fashion business world. Born to wealthy real estate investor parents, the affluent business mogul and entrepreneur has had stints at various jobs and even studied medicine at the University of Southern California before getting an MBA from Columbia University.

However, he quickly changed tracks and started his career as an investment banker, holding the position of vice president of real estate at Citi. He then became the head of investment banking in Asia, at Merrill Lynch.

Netflix Life also mentions that Hung was the former joint-chairman of 13 Holdings Limited and is the present vice-chairman of Rio Hotel and Casino in Macau.

No wonder, Washington Post labelled him as the ‘world’s biggest spender’ in 2014, when he spent a whopping USD 20 million for 30 customised Rolls-Royce beasts. The carmaker called it the “world’s single largest order of Rolls Royces ever.”

Together, the Bling Empire: New York couple is often spotted at fashion show front rows and making appearances in designer labels.

(Main and featured image credit: Stephen Hung/ @stephenhungofficial/ Instagram)

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