Summer House Paige DeSorbo Talks “Biggest Fights” With Craig


Summer House's Paige DeSorbo Talks "Biggest Fights" With Craig Conover, Defends Kyle Cooke Over Claims He Caused Lindsay & Carl's Split

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Summer House season 8 may be a bit away from airing on Bravo, but that doesn’t mean the cast hasn’t been in the news.

In new interviews, Paige DeSorbo dishes on her biggest fight with her boyfriend Craig Conover, and also defends her costar, Kyle Cooke.

As Paige, 31, continues to go strong with her Southern Charm beau, and boyfriend of over two years, she admits they still have moments when things aren’t always rosy between them.

“I never thought that I would ever say this in my life, but one of our biggest fights is about glam,” said Paige to The Messenger. “I take the allotted time, which is an hour and a half. I always say to him, ‘It’ll take you five minutes. Chill out.’ He likes to have a 30-minute time [slot] reserved, because he wants to feel pampered. It’s really coming between the two of us, and I don’t know if it’s going to stop.”

The fashionista added, “It would be really on-brand if we broke up over glam,” she added. “I wouldn’t be mad about that!”

In more Summer House news, as everyone knows, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard were scheduled to get married in November of this year. However, Carl called off the wedding mere months before it was supposed to take place. According to reports, this breakup will play out on the show. Unfortunately, Lindsay had previously stated that Kyle “always had it out” for her, and Captain Lee Rosbach even went as far as to suggest Kyle was partially to blame for the split, stating he was in Carl’s ear about Lindsay. Now, Paige is speaking out in defense of Kyle. 

Of course, fans of Summer House will remember that Kyle did voice concerns to Carl over his future marriage to Lindsay. After all, he is Carl’s best friend, so it would make sense that they would discuss relationship issues.

Paige recently interviewed with US Weekly and was asked about the allegations that Kyle was in Carl’s ear about their relationship. 

She had this to say, “Absolutely not. I think Carl has a best friend. And Carl vents to his best friend, and his best friend gives him the advice that a best friend would.”

She went on to say that fans will get more answers to all their burning questions in Summer House season 8

“I think you are definitely going to see what led up to what we all know obviously what happened summer. Two months ago. You’ll see the ins and outs like you always do. You’ll see the couples, and you’ll see how everyone interacts with each other. So I think you’ll get the full story.”

Of course, no one fully knows why Carl broke off the engagement to Lindsay. However, it seems a bit odd to blame someone else for the decision her ex made. Perhaps he saw things that made him have doubts about marrying her. Perhaps as a friend, Kyle was able to help Carl process how he felt about their future together, which is more than fair. 

It should also be noted that it seems many people had doubts about the marriage, considering how soon they got engaged.

We’ll just have to watch how it plays out when Summer House season eight starts in early 2024.  

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