The 10 most-viewed K-pop music videos of all time


These are the 10 most-viewed K-pop music videos of all time.

Larger-than-life sets, gorgeous-looking artists performing to some dazzling choreography and addictive beats – K-pop music videos are packaged to perfection! Remember how Psy’s Gangnam Style went on to become the most loved anthem of the last decade, setting the stage for a complete K-pop takeover in the years to come. And now with BTS and BLACKPINK navigating and reshaping global music today, it’s safe to say that K-pop has established itself as a powerful genre that thrives on premium production value. While the genre has become crowded with many chart-topping hits in the recent past, only a handful of K-pop artists take the lion’s share when it comes to garnering views on YouTube. Let’s take you through the most-viewed K-pop music videos of all time.

While we’re yet to witness a music video as enticing as Psy’s 2012 chart-topper, there have been quite a few offerings by BTS and BLACKPINK that have almost hit the mark. So, when it comes to the popular K-pop videos on YouTube, these three artists steal all the top 10 titles and rightly so. From the BLACKPINK quartet raising the oomph quotient with Kill This Love and DDU-DU DDU-DU to BTS getting us groovy with tracks like Dynamite and Boy With Luv – here are the top music videos that offer the best of K-pop.

Check out the most viewed K-pop music videos of all time

1. Psy’s Gangnam Style (4.9 billion views)

Psy’s smash hit sent the Korean culture global as the world grooved to ‘Oppan Gangnam style’ in all its glory. Marching into the global music scene in a bright blue tuxedo, giving us an unforgettable horse-riding dance hook step and overtaking all our jamming sessions with groovy beats – Psy’s Gangnam Style remains iconic more than a decade since its release.

Psy witnessed a whirlwind success he never imagined. The singer broke three Guinness World Records and went on to perform at the celebrated New York’s Madison Square Garden with Madonna among many other trailblazing feats for a Korean artist at that time.

2. BLACKPINK’s DDU-DU DDU-DU (2.1 billion views)

DDU-DU DDU-DU is a reminder of just how powerful BLACKPINK can be! One of the earliest hits by the girl group, the 2018 release became the most-viewed online video in the first 24 hours by a Korean act. Additionally, it’s also the second most-watched music video of all time within 24 hours. The fierce pop-rap track is one where the girls are unapologetically savage and don’t shy twice before flaunting all the success they’ve amassed. DDU-DU DDU-DU’s strong hooks established the identity of BLACKPINK worldwide at a time when they were still considered rookies, showing the potential of how far they could go.

3. BLACKPINK’S Kill This Love (1.8 billion views)

A complete trap-EDM banger, Kill This Love exudes a powerful femme supervillain persona as we saw in Taylor Swift‘s Bad Blood. The girls talk about their quest to end a toxic relationship like it’s a life-or-death situation, giving us blazing visuals of a car being driven with the intent to kill, a giant hunting trap and whatnot. You also can’t miss the Tomb Raider and Suicide Squad-inspired outfits that add to the song’s overall rebellious vibe. Upon its 2019 release, Kill This Love broke the record for the most views within 24 hours, amassing 56.7 million views within that time.

4. BTS’ Dynamite (1.7 billion views)

Simple, fun and bringing joy to your soul – Dynamite is the ultimate summer anthem whose music video will get you up and dancing. From the set and styling to the choreography, the music video is aesthetically pleasing with a soft touch of nostalgia. Whether it’s the poster-studded bedroom with tributes to David Bowie and The Beatles, a warm record store or even the choreography paying homage to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson – Dynamite is a visually appealing fun summer bop. The BTS song is all about dancing and finding happiness in the little triumphs of life, even when the world around you seems a little dark.

5. BTS’ Boy With Luv featuring Halsey (1.7 billion views)

Another song brimming with love and happiness, BTS’ Boy With Luv is laced with funky tunes and fun choreography all throughout. A big shoutout to Halsey for blending her vocals effortlessly with the septet, giving the perfect cross-country collaboration without robbing K-pop of its unique touch. Upon its April 2019 release, Boy With Luv’s music video became the fastest video to reach 100 million views on YouTube, doing so in just about one day and 10 hours. The song has been described as a ‘beacon of pop sweetness’, showcasing a more mature and sincere side of BTS that fans hadn’t witnessed before.

6. BLACKPINK’s BOOMBAYAH (1.6 billion views)

Flaunting BLACKPINK’s signature booming and aggressive discography, BOOMBAYAH feels like comfort food. You know you’re going to like it because you’ve consumed many such BLACKPINK offerings before. Filled with club-ready sounds, glamour shots with heavy reliance on neon tones/ loud pop colours and a mind-blowing chorus, the song embraces the band’s unmatched hip-hop sensibilities. In October 2020, BOOMBAYAH also became the first K-pop debut music video to surpass one billion views on YouTube. What’s great is that each BLACKPINK member gets their own moment to shine, without wasting a single moment of spotlight. So, if you want to see Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa at their musical best, BOOMBAYAH should definitely be on your list.

7. Psy’s Gentlemen (1.5 billion views)

Taking cues from the humorous plot line and characters of Gangnam Style, Psy’s Gentlemen was another viral hit of the last decade. The song is filled with irony, showcasing Psy being anything but a gentleman as he pulls chairs out from beneath beautiful women, makes kids cry, attempts to pull off sunbathing girls’ tops and whatnot. However, the music video brings a great twist with K-pop singer Ga In’s entry as she unfurls the same antics on Psy. Gentlemen’s hip-shaking choreography, well-designed backgrounds and sets and the ensemble cast churning out some comedic stints make Gentlemen a full-blown entertainer.

8. BTS’ DNA (1.5 billion views)

The trippy, trance-like music video is an eclectic mix of messages about humanity and virtual reality. DNA talks about a young, passionate love in the backdrop of an EDM-influenced K-pop melody that is very different from the band’s previous releases. The music video is a little twisted to understand. It delves into the themes of religion and science, comparing love to a mathematical formula/ some form of divine intervention and you’ll see it in the cosmic imagery throughout the video. All in all, DNA emerged as a truly global sound, further cementing BTS’ status as an international phenomenon.

9. BTS’s MIC Drop Steve Aoki Remix (1.3 billion views)

If the original MIC Drop wasn’t enough to lure ARMYs, BTS dropped a more epic version of the track featuring none other than the DJ world-titan Steve Aoki. The plot, the effects, the hip-hop concept and more – MIC Drop’s remix version is a brilliant display of artistry. The song perfectly describes how BTS got to the top, filled with a multitude of mic drop moments as Aoki adds his sonic beats. The music video is all things rebellious, showcasing BTS dancing in the backdrop of burning people and car wrecks – a raw and brazen side to them we’ve never seen (but completely loved). The street-styled song will definitely catch your fancy.

10. BLACKPINK’s AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST (1.3 billion views)

Rounding up the list of the most viewed K-pop music videos is another hit by BLACKPINK. While it’s not as boundary-pushing as their previous tracks, AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST is still a nice summertime pop melody that’s just overall fun. The music video boasts the usual powerful choreography, juicy sing-along hooks and fierce visuals – all typical of the BLACKPINK brand. Nonetheless, the performance is still great, almost feeling like the band is on a happy juice to make your summer breezier.

Which one’s your favourite K-pop track?

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