The Controversial Aubrey Plaza Commercial That Almost Landed Her In Legal Trouble


In the complaint, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine alleges that the Milk Processor Education Program violated “laws forbidding federal agricultural promotions from depicting products in a negative light.” MilkPEP is administered by the US Department of Agriculture, as the complaint highlights, making the “Wood Milk” commercial federal government matter rather than simply a humorous video we can all laugh about. 

MilkPEP has previously enjoyed success with campaigns like the iconic “Got Milk?” ads, which featured some of the world’s biggest stars throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, but the plant-based community wasn’t having any of their or Aubrey Plaza’s humor. PCRM’s complaint argues that MilkPEP’s satirical commercial was too subjective not to be seen as derogatory. Furthermore, in addition to openly mocking plant-based milk, the PCRM claims MilkPEP further breached federal law by trying to influence government decisions about how plant-based milk is labeled. 

They contended that MilkPEP asserting cow-derived milk as the only “real” milk further worsens the issue (at the end of the commercial, Plaza notably intones, “Is wood milk real? Absolutely not. Only real milk is real”). While the legal case remains ongoing at the time of writing Plaza, though likely not legally liable as she wasn’t the mastermind behind the wood milk project in the first place, has already felt the consequences of online backlash.

Post source: The List

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