According to her website bio, Davis is an “actor, producer, writer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.” In an interview with Good Morning America, she said she spent a lot of time dating various artists in the City of Angels. However, Davis revealed that dating these bachelors was far from heavenly. She became sick of dating apps and instead wanted to meet a partner IRL. Appearing on the podcast “First Round’s on Me,” Davis explained, “I was just like painfully single in L.A. for the last five years . . . I was tired of going on really bad dates. I was tired of really awkward first dates, the conversation going nowhere, and just being like so uncomfortable. So, I was like, ‘let’s make dating fun again!'”

Her quest to revive and revamp the dating scene began on Valentine’s day in 2022. Davis told Good Morning America that she and her girlfriends were collectively exhausted from dating. She explained that she “was just so sick of being alone on another valentines day, so I told them all, ‘let’s do something crazy, let’s all invite a random man on a dating app to my house for a party.'” She would have never guessed all that would follow.

Post source: The List

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