The Stunning Transformation Of Gina Torres


Gina Torres knows what it’s like to be the odd one out. Not only was she the daughter of immigrant parents, but she didn’t exactly look like most of her classmates. Speaking to Today Style in 2019, Torres said that she was self-conscious about her appearance when she was young, admitting that she used to hate her lips. “[G]rowing up with this set of soup coolers, as we called them, I got a lot, a lot of flack. Kids were merciless. They teased me constantly,” Torres said.

Luckily, despite all the teasing she had to endure, Torres eventually realized that her lips were nothing to be ashamed of. “[A]s I grew older, I couldn’t imagine my face without them,” she admitted, adding that she realized how much it made her look like her parents. “I have my mom’s old bow up on the top and my dad’s fullness. I think of them every time I look in the mirror,” she said.

The teasing in high school prepared Torres for Hollywood’s brutal industry, where she once again stuck out on many occasions. “I had too much of everything,” Torres told Bustle. “My eyes were just a little bigger than everybody else’s, my lips were just fuller than everybody’s, I was taller than everybody else, my booty was a little bit harder,” she added. As we all know, things have changed since then, and many Hollywood stars strive for Torres’ appearance.

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