The Ultimate Ranking Of Netflix’s Original Holiday Movies


Vanessa Hudgens makes her Netflix holiday debut (she made her actual Netflix debut in the action thriller “Polar”) in 2018’s “The Princess Switch.” In this charming romantic comedy set in the fictional kingdom of Belgravia, the Disney Channel alum plays two characters — Chicago baker Stacy De Novo and Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro (a fictional land) — and essentially finds love twice after the two women agree to switch places for a couple of days. The movie is also slightly reminiscent of “The Parent Trap” and “The Princess Diaries,” complete with its own version of a secret handshake.

And as it turns out, that was no coincidence. “All we’re really doing is doing a new arrangement of somebody else’s orchestration, and putting our own color to it,” director Mike Rohl even told Vanity Fair. As for Hudgens, it is precisely her fondness for “The Parent Trap” that drew her to the role. That said, the actor also initially thought that the project would be a one-off, as she once told Glamour, “I honestly don’t even know where it would go, because we already got our happy endings.”

Much to the delight of fans, Netflix eventually turned “The Princess Switch” into a franchise after the streamer released follow-up films with cast members such as Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar, Suanne Braun, and Mark Fleischmann returning with the lead star. Since then, Hudgens, who serves as a producer on the franchise, also hasn’t ruled out the idea of exploring the storyline further.

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