Times Meri Brown’s Self-Confidence Has Shone Since She Left Kody


Meri Brown was never the same after her split from Kody Brown, but it’s for the better. The reality star has been actively sharing her newfound self-confidence on social media, regularly posting inspirational quotes. However, her actions speak louder than words. In her post-Kody era, Meri has shared a number of snaps hanging out with friends, raving about new experiences and the importance of investing in yourself. Under an Instagram video of herself kayaking with a friend, Meri wrote, “Building businesses. Building friendships. Building a great life.” She also seems to have embraced a sense of adventure, traveling more than she ever did when she was with Kody, showcasing her experiences in different parts of the United States and even the U.K.

What stands out most is Meri’s mission to empower people in the aftermath of her divorce, as she consistently uses the hashtag #WorthyUp. In various posts, she encourages her followers to find courage, strength, and self-awareness, urging them not to let others define their worth.

On TikTok, Meri paired a smiling video of herself with Mel Robbins’ motivational speech, captioning it, “Failure is not failure unless you stop. Failure is only a step toward your success.” While the star obviously hasn’t directly referenced Kody or any of her ex-sister wives, it’s safe to assume the experiences she went through with the Brown family, including being cast out, are what brought on her new-found self-acceptance, and we love to see it.

Post source: The List

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