Tragic Details About Kerry Washington


In 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami killed 230,000 people across Southeast Asia. At the time, Kerry Washington was enjoying rapid success following her supporting role in Oscar-winner “Ray.” But she found herself in the midst of a deep depression, worsened by the perils of fame and the fact that her mom had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. When the tsunami hit, she also happened to be making a fleeting stop-off in Bangkok, visiting family with her then-fiancé, David Moscow, during their vacation to Thailand. Speaking to Essence, she admitted that she was unsure about making the detour to Bangkok, but something in her gut told her to go.

While Bangkok was also affected by the tsunami, Washington woke up to the news that the village she was initially supposed to visit had been devastated. Subsequently, she revealed that the tragedy gave her a new perspective on life. “As scared as I might be about all the unknowns in my life, I’m alive,” she reflected. “I should embrace the adventure rather than have it put me in a corner and shut me down.”

As traumatic as the ordeal was, it also enabled Washington to trust her instincts in the future. “As women of color, we’re constantly feeling like we have to make choices for other people … What will make ‘them’ happy?” she added. “But when I decided to stay in Bangkok for that night, it didn’t feel like I was ‘supposed to.'”

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