Trump Kids Who Don’t Agree With Donald’s No-Pet Policy


Donald Trump Jr. shares his dad’s name, his fatherhood record (both have five children), and his loathing of liberals, but they have very different opinions when it comes to pet ownership. Don Jr. has welcomed at least two dogs into his home, and he’s as smitten with them as his children are. In 2015, he shared photos on Facebook featuring one of the pooches, a shaggy white pup named Faluffa. The name, according to the post, is a “long story.” The Trump children were home from school on a snow day, and they found an, um, interesting way to play with their pet. 

The photos show the dog walking around with goldfish crackers on its back. “Apparently, according to [son] Tristan, Faluffa […] loves goldfish and wants to give them a ride around the house,” Don Jr. wrote. The following year, the future first son announced the arrival of another fur baby, a puppy gifted to his daughter, Kai, for her birthday. 

Kai had been asking for a new dog, and when her aunt offered the pup, her parents couldn’t resist. The adorable fluff bundle appears to be a Shih Tzu. Posing with the new pet, Don Jr. wrote on Instagram: “Looks like I may be stealing Kai’s birthday present. She won’t be happy but I believe dads can do that. This little guy is the cutest.” 

Post source: The List

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