Wanda Sykes goes way back with fellow comic Dave Chappelle, but she’s making it clear that she does not support his anti-trans rhetoric.

The 59-year-old stand-up comedian has made comments about the laws banning trans women from women’s bathrooms.

“I knew that it’s such a delicate issue to talk about. I’m not trans, but they have my support, 100%” she said.

“I wanted to find something where I can shine some light on what they’re going through, to show how just stupid and hateful really it is,” Wanda told Variety. “I was in a woman’s bathroom one time, and I was like, “Who would want to come in here anyway? It was like, I kind of want to go check out the men’s room. Sometimes, it’s even cleaner.” And that’s how that whole bit started. I’ve always just been grossed out by bathrooms.”

Keep reading to find out more…Last July, Minneapolis’ First Avenue club cancelled Dave Chappelle‘s comedy show due to the backlash for his anti-trans jokes.

Wanda called his jokes “hurtful and damaging” to the trans community.

“But I know I wanted to say something, because so much has been said on that platform,” Wanda said of Netflix. I definitely want to [say] something on the other side of it.

Wanda said she she would welcome a conversation with him now. “I mean, it’s not intentional,” she said of not having spoken to Dave recently. “I still love the guy. But I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. If our paths did cross, I totally would say something.

Mo’Nique also recently shared her thoughts on the state of comedy and backlash to Dave Chappelle and Roseanne Barr.

Post source: Justjared

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