What Gwyneth Paltrow Plans To Call Herself Instead Of An Empty Nester


Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, Apple Martin. is growing up so fast, and these days, she’s the spitting image of her mom. In 2023, as Apple started her sophomore year of college, her younger brother, Moses, embarked on his senior year of high school. Of course, this doesn’t just mark the beginning of a new era for her kids; it also opens a new chapter for Paltrow, herself. And, she doesn’t think of this upcoming chapter as revolving around their absence. “I’m trying to reframe it so that I can at least try to convince myself there’s some kind of a silver lining,” Paltrow told People.

This phase of life is difficult for many parents. It’s easy to see, though, that transitioning into this new chapter may be particularly tough for Paltrow. The proud mom never misses one of her two kids’ birthdays without sharing a sweet tribute and celebratory message on her Instagram account. Per People, she even posted a photo of her with Apple after her freshman year of college with the caption, “Wellness=Happiness=someone coming home from college!” These words prove that having her children around her makes Paltrow feel more like herself. So, it’s safe to say that having both of her kids away from home most of the time will require some adjusting for her. Luckily, knowing that she’s embarking on her “free bird” era is sure to make this change a bit easier. 

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