What Malia Obama’s Relationship With The Biden Family Is Like


Despite the heavy spotlight on their family, Malia and Sasha Obama, who went into the White House at ages 10 and seven, respectively, have managed to stay grounded. They don’t have public social media accounts, and their official appearances with their famous parents were often the only real window into Sasha and Malia Obama’s lavish lifestyle. Consequently, our curiosity was piqued when a rare throwback photo of the Obama sisters from 2017 surfaced after the 2020 Democratic National Convention, per People.

The selfie, posted by Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, was in support of her grandfather’s campaign. It showed Malia and Sasha celebrating with Joe, who wore the Medal of Freedom awarded to him by Former President Barack Obama. While many might have dismissed it as a courteous shot, it underscored the close friendship between the girls, who were clearly united by their shared experiences as members of prominent political families.

In April 2023, a more grown-up Malia, now embracing her freedom post-White House, was seen hanging out in public with the Bidens — including Maisy and her little brother, Beau Biden Jr. — at Charlie Bird, an Italian restaurant in SoHo, New York (via Daily Mail). Their relaxed stroll through the city, all smiles, demonstrated their comfortable and long-standing friendship. Sasha, who was missing from the fold, was attending college at the time of the outing.

Post source: The List

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