What Remington Hoffman’s Days Of Our Lives Departure Means For The Show


It’s no surprise that Camila Banus is leaving “Days of Our Lives,” since she announced in an article posted on Today on May 18 that playing Gabi Hernandez was taking an emotional toll on her. Now we have a possible reason for how she’ll be written out. On the November 2 episode, Gabi and Stefan DiMera tricked Li into confessing that he plotted to have Stefan killed by brainwashing Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) into being his assassin. They recorded Li’s confession, and Gabi and Stefan used it to blackmail him into giving up his shares of DiMera Enterprises so that the couple would gain control of Stefan’s family business.

Li was visibly upset, and when Marlena Evans called him to check up on how he was doing, he gave a cryptic answer that Gabi was “dead” to him. When she questioned his use of words, he backpedaled, saying he meant he was no longer obsessed with Gabi — all the while holding a kitchen knife. Whether or not she actually killed Li, Stefan will most likely help her cover it up, dragging the mystery of Li’s death out until she’s finally revealed as the killer (or simply accused of it due to circumstantial evidence), providing the perfect exit for Banus. Alternatively, she could feel guilty and confess to the police what she did and go to prison! Regardless, both Gabi and Li’s absence will certainly be felt by fans.

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