What You Didn’t Know About Giuliana And Bill Rancic’s Son, Duke


In a People interview, Giuliana Rancic revealed that her 5-year-old son, Edward Duke Rancic, was already speaking bits of Italian, Spanish, and English. As an Italy native, Giuliana couldn’t be happier that Duke managed to perfectly mimic her accent. Meanwhile, her husband, Bill Rancic, shared that after Duke heard one of their helpers speaking in Albanian, he started singing in the language. And a lot of Duke’s intelligence comes from his parents, who want him to get the best out of every experience.

Speaking to People in another interview, Giuliana shared that they try to nurture their son’s curiosity by creating a scavenger hunt in every place they visit. She explained, “So when he is in New York City, he has to go to the top of the Empire State Building, he has to go to the Statue of Liberty — he’s 6, but we want him to experience these cities and really have some takeaway. It’s experiential learning.” 

The former “Fashion Police” host also shared a sweet story of how Duke asked her to record him doing one of her presentations. After he was done, Giuliana asked if he would like to watch it back, but he refused and simply told her to air it on TV. In an earlier People interview, she shared that Duke believed she worked inside the TV. But when Giuliana spoke to AOL in 2017, she revealed that Duke had grown to think she was a singer because he would see her singing at home.

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