Whoopi Goldberg Once Admitted To A Controversial Gym Fashion Choice On The View


Following a stunned reaction from her “The View” co-hosts, Goldberg stood firm in defense of her unconventional gym fashion. “Listen, sometimes you don’t have time to stop when everybody else is in their shorts and everything, and you go and get some exercise in when you can,” the EGOT winner explained.

Sunny Hostin was curious about the practicality of working out in jeans, particularly concerning the inevitable sweat, to which Goldberg had a simple answer. “You change your clothes when you get home,” she said. While things once got awkward between Joy Behar and Goldberg on “The View,” Behar jumped to Goldberg’s rescue after their co-hosts continued to express bewilderment over the jeans in the gym scenario, saying that she didn’t see the problem. “I know! Apparently, it’s a freaky thing to some people,” Goldberg quipped.

Renowned for her distinctive personal style, Goldberg has never been one to shy away from clothing choices that may seem unconventional to many. Clearly not overly bothered by her co-hosts’ opinions on her gym attire, Goldberg did admit that she was once hurt by public criticism of a red carpet look she wore in the 1990s.

Post source: The List

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