Why Erin Krakow Describes When Calls The Heart As ‘Lightning In A Bottle’


One “When Calls the Heart” Season 9 cliffhanger was Elizabeth’s engagement to Lucas, played by Chris McNally. A YouTube clip of the proposal from the Season 9 finale has comments from many fans who were thrilled to see the fictional couple get engaged. Elizabeth’s engagement ring from that scene is evidence of the collaborative nature of the show mentioned in Erin Krakow’s Southern Living interview because she and McNally got to help choose the ring.

“Chris and I had some conversations about it,” Krakow told Entertainment Tonight in a joint interview with her on-screen love interest. “It had to make sense as a piece of jewelry that Lucas would select for Elizabeth, so I think we all did a nice job creating that together.”

McNally then joked that no one liked the gaudy rings he picked out. After he admitted that didn’t actually happen, he said they wanted to choose a ring “that was elegant and classy and kind of timeless, something that represented things that Lucas, I guess, holds dear.”

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