Why Fans Should Be Excited For Virgin River Season 5 Part 2


“Virgin River” Season 5 had an abundance of heartbreaking moments. Viewers had to endure Mel and Jack (Martin Henderson) losing their daughter, the town catching fire, and near-death experiences for a few characters. They also dealt with the breakup of one of the show’s most interesting couples. There were plenty of dramatic, sad, and somber moments. The Virgin River citizens had to go through many storms before getting some light in the final episodes.

The second part of the season has some drama, but it’s nowhere near as intense as the first installment, which gives fans some relief and hope before Season 6. The lighter tone also works well for the holiday season. Many audiences don’t want to watch something too heavy, and “Virgin River” Season 5 Part 2 respects that sentiment.

However, it’s not all candy cane bark and mistletoe, because the final episodes address some of the Part 1 cliffhangers. Tough times are still ahead for the Virgin River townsfolks. Additionally, a few people who ended the first part in bliss face new challenges in the second half.

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