There was no shortage of drama surrounding King Charles III’s coronation, and undoubtedly Prince Harry contributed to at least some of it. The BBC reported that the Duke of Sussex made a quick solo appearance and left alone following the ceremony, while other members of the royal family headed to the palace balcony. Though he arrived alongside his cousins, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, Harry wasn’t seen interacting with Charles or his estranged older brother, Prince William, per People.

However, the king’s sister, Princess Anne, gave Harry a warm reception at the coronation. According to the Daily Mail, she approached the duke at his seat, and the two even shared a laugh. Professional lip-readers also believe that Anne asked if he was okay with where he was seated, with Harry seemingly responding, “I don’t mind. Sit at the front!” Later, viewers and onlookers poked fun at the seating arrangement after Anne’s feathered hat obstructed Harry’s view. 

But from the looks of their earlier interaction and outwardly friendly exchange, Anne appears to feel no animosity toward her nephew — something that can’t be said for many other members of the royal family. As Daily Mail journalist and royal expert Kate Mansey posited, “Could Anne be called upon by king and country to build a bridge between father and son? As with most acts of service — at least as far as the Princess Royal is concerned — if duty calls then she will oblige.”

Post source: The List

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