Elizabeth Hendrickson’s Instagram story revealing her final text exchange with her recently deceased friend, Billy Miller, shed light on the nature of their relationship. After responding to his final message of being happy for her life as a mother, she responded, saying, “Thanks. I love it so much. I feel complete.” 

Miller and Hendrickson were not only costars on “The Young and the Restless,” but they also crossed paths during her brief tenure on “General Hospital.” However, one of the biggest talking points from her series of now-expired posts on her Instagram story was the apparent revelation of a potential previous romantic relationship between them. Alluding to being real-life partners, she wrote, “We were co stars. We were friends. We were more than friends. We were complicated at times. What never changed was my love for you. I’ll always love you Billy. (BJ).”

Miller’s birthday was three days after his unexpected death, and Hendrickson wrote a lengthy post remembering him. Toward the end of the post, she makes it known that the gravity of this death has hit her quite hard. She said, “This hole in my heart will never be filled. Goodnight, sweet Billy.” 

Post source: The List

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