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Stylish vases designed for water propagation complement the look and feel of a room while getting the job done. While decorating style is largely personal, selecting an propagation vase that’s as functional as it is stylish is crucial as you want your newly propagated plants to thrive.

According to Caroline Copeland, a design expert at online landscape design platform Yardzen, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for functionally stylish propagation vases, such as size, shape, and material.

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How To Choose a Propagation Vase

Ideally, says Copeland, you’ll want a vase that can accommodate the plant cuttings you are propagating, says Copeland—and one with a large enough opening when time to move the cutting into a pot. “You want to ensure that the opening of the vase is large enough to remove the plant without damaging the roots that you worked so hard to grow,” she says. That said, you’ll want to avoid purchasing a propagation vase with a neck that’s too wide. When propagating plant cuttings, Copeland says that you want to avoid fully submerging the leaves in water—a vessel with a thin neck can prevent this from happening while helping keep the plant upright.

As you shop, you might also want to think about purchasing a vase made from clear glass, which shouldn’t be hard to find as many propagation vases are made of the material, and for good reason. According to Copeland, a clear glass vessel allows you to keep an eye on how the roots of your propagated plant are growing. If you want to prevent the risk of your vase from tipping over, select one with a sturdy base too. Those limited on space can also consider purchasing an option that hangs from the wall or ceiling—fortunately, there are plenty of options for those as well.

With all this in mind, here are 10 stylish propagation vases for every budget and preference.

10 Stylish Propagation Vases

Bloomscape Kinto Propagation Starter Set

Bloomscape, Kinto Propagation Starter Set — $60.00

Originally $70, now $60

The KINTO propagation kit from Bloomscape comes with two glass vases in different sizes—small and large— that are handcrafted in Japan. They have a beautifully minimalist design that would blend with most decor, and in addition to propagating plants, you can also use them to grow bulbs, herbs, and avocado seeds. As a bonus, the set includes TakeRoot Rooting Hormone, which contains Indole-3-Butyric Acid to help encourage root growth in plant cuttings.

DZHJKIO Glass Planters

DZHJKIO, Glass Planters (Set Of 6) — $28.00

These glass orbs are designed for showcasing air plants, but many Amazon shoppers also use them to propagate their plants. They come as a set of six, and they can stand alone or be mounted to the wall, placed throughout your home or arranged together to create an interesting visual display. Several reviewers have also mentioned that, if placed on the wall, they are easy to install and remove. Just keep in mind that you may have to use hooks to mount the vessels.

Uncommon Goods Plant Propagation Bookend

Uncommon Goods, Plant Propagation Bookend — $60.00

Uncommon Goods’ plant propagation station doubles as a bookend to holding up books—and keeping them in place. It’s handmade of wood and has a unique staircase design with room for three test tubes that you can use for your favorite plant cuttings. The vials are also a cinch to remove when you want to change the water or clean it. The propagation station is available in a maple option (pictured above) or a walnut option for a few more dollars. One tradeoff? The bookends are sold individually.

Glasseam Glass Propagation Station With Metal Frame

Glasseam, Glass Propagation Station With Metal Frame (Set Of 2) — $18.00

These propagation vases come in an elegant gold finish that will add glitz to a console or coffee table—all for under $20. The vases come as a pair and accompanying glass test tubes for propagating plant cuttings or floral bouquets. As a bonus, multiple amazon shoppers who’ve purchased the propagation vase set have also mentioned that you can remove the glass test tubes for easy cleaning. If you aren’t keen on gold, you also shop the pair in a sleek black finish.

Lively Root Glass Orb Vase

Lively Root, Glass Orb Vase — $18.00

Lively Root’s glass orb vases come in four colors, from pink and yellow to sky and azure blue. The orbs are suspended on a glass stand, making them look as though they’re floating in midair. They would look lovely on a desk, for instance, or on a bookcase. Keep in mind that these vases are on the petite side—and if you foresee yourself propagating a lot of cuttings, you might want to opt for another option or consider purchasing several of Lively Root’s orb-shaped vases.

Ivolador Wall-Hanging Planter Terrarium

Ivolador, Wall-Hanging Planter Terrarium — $19.00

This macrame plant hanger blends modern and rustic elements, displaying your newly propagated plants in style. It features a sturdy loop for hanging and two wooden tiers that can accommodate up to 10 test tubes. In addition, it comes with 11 glass test tubes (in the event one of them breaks), plus a cleaning brush. If macrame isn’t your thing, it’s also available in three other styles: three-tier wood planters in beige or brown finishes and a wood-framed option that can hold up to five glass test tubes.

The Sill Theory Beyond Design Maple Sunrise Propagation Vase

The Sill, Theory Beyond Design Maple Sunrise Propagation Vase — $46.00

This propagation vase from The Sill provides a welcome burst of green to a room’s walls. It’s constructed from wood and a single test tube, which can accommodate only one or a couple of plant cuttings at a time. Its rounded shape adds visual interest without being a distraction, and the vial is easy to remove come time to change the water or repot your plant. If you plan on propagating more than a few plants, there’s another version from The Sill that can accommodate up to three test tubes.

Mkono Plant Terrarium With Wooden Stand

Mkono, Plant Terrarium With Wooden Stand — $21.00

Versatile and affordable, this propagation station can be wall mounted or stand alone. It comes with a wooden stand and five glass globes for your plant cuttings. The vessels are attached to the stand, but they can all be tipped over when you want to refill them with fresh water. Choose from three finishes: brown (pictured above), black, or beige. If you are tight on space, it’s also available in a “small” version, which comes with three glass containers instead of five.

Aoderun Hanging Glass Planter

Aoderun, Hanging Glass Planter — $10.00

This hanging planter comes in a sleek metal frame that effortlessly secures to the ceiling or wall (with the inclusion of a rope, hanging hooks, and adhesive hooks). They’re trendy enough to proudly display your plant cuttings, but not overly so; these planters are timeless enough to keep for years to come. It’s available in three sizes, including small, medium, and large, or as a three-piece set with different sizes, which will only set you back a few more dollars.

Greendigs Propagation Vase

Greendigs, Propagation Vase — $25.00

Greendigs’ propagation vase is accented with a brass neck, which adds the perfect touch of interest to its otherwise simple and straightforward silhouette. The vase is made from glass, and it comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) to suit various preferences. While available in multiple options, each vase is designed to hold “a trimming or two,” according to the manufacturer—something to keep in mind as you shop. Regardless of which size you choose, the vase is sold at the same price of $25.


Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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