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How To Make Restaurant-Style Dahi Ke Kebab At Home (Easy Recipe Inside)

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Dahi ke kebab is one of the best curd snack recipes to try.


  • Dahi ke kebab is a popular north-Indian snack.
  • This curd-based snack is on the menu of most of the restaurants.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

Deep fried curd-based dahi ke kebab is a popular snack in north-Indian households and restaurants. Crispy and crunchy kebab with melt-in-mouth curd filling is one of the best appetisers you can make for evening family get-togethers or for entertaining guests. Curd is a great food to experiment with in summer. Its cooling and refreshing quality makes it a great item for snacks, which balances out the heaviness of oil from frying. Its creamy texture is another reason it makes for the perfect filling.

Dahi ke kebab is a popular snacking option in the menu of almost all Indian restaurants. Hung curd is flavoured with a range of spices and mixed with besan and paneer to make this yummy snack. Hung curd is made out of plain curd. All you have to do is spread a muslin cloth (or any kitchen cloth) over a bowl and pour the curd in the centre of the cloth. Hold the edges and the cloth and tie a firm knot. Then hang the cloth with curd over the bowl till it releases and drips down all its water content and what remains is thick lump of yogurt.

When you get the hung curd, mix it with dry roasted besan (chickpea flour), chopped onions, green chillies, corn flour (to bind the mixture and make it crispy), ginger, grated paneer (cottage cheese), coriander seeds, black pepper powder, red chilli flakes (or red chilli powder), and salt to taste. Make tikkis out of the mixture and deep fry in ghee or oil. Remember, this mixture is very soft because of grated paneer and curd, so shape and fry them gently.

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Hung curd can be easily made at home.

You can experiment with the curd snack recipe and add veggies like grated carrots and bell peppers in the mixture. The more, the merrier!

Make dahi ke kebab on weekends or on special occasions to have a great snacking or tea time with your family and friends. It’s a good thing that these kebabs are so easy to make at home, you won’t miss ordering them in restaurants.

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