The Baller – This includes Subway’s new-recipe pork & beef meatballs, layered with marinara sauce and topped with creamy Monterey Jack cheddar, peppers, pepperoni and crispy onions.

Notorious B.M.T.  – Layers of tasty ham, pepperoni and salami, topped with Monterey Jack cheddar, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, crunchy cucumber and red onions – covered in Subway’s famous chipotle Southwest sauce.

Tex Mexan – Packed full of juicy chicken breast strips, grated mozzarella, and cheddar, and – for an added crunch – Doritos. On top, there’s tangy tomato salsa, peppers, sweetcorn and the X-spicy chipotle Southwest sauce.

Big Bombay – Double sauces (sweet onion and garlic & herb) and double American-style cheese, all layered on top of marinated chicken tikka, peppers, red onions and lettuce.

Great Caesar – This tasty Sub is filled with chicken breast and smoked streaky bacon, covered with double American-style cheese and a fresh salad of thick-cut iceberg lettuce, crunchy cucumber, tomatoes and crispy onions – crowned with tasty Caesar sauce.

Big Breakwich – Streaky bacon and a Lincolnshire sausage patty accompanied by crispy hash browns, poached eggs, double American-style cheese, and ketchup.

Meatless Philly (V) – Created in partnership with the Vegetarian Butcher, the Meatless Philly is packed full of delicious plant-based steak, double American- style cheese, Subway’s flavourful teriyaki sauce, red onions, and peppers.


Big Cheese-Steak – Tasty strips of Philly-style steak, topped with mozzarella, rich American-style cheese, caramelised red onions, fresh peppers and chipotle Southwest sauce.

Tuna Kahuna – Delicious tuna mayonnaise with melted mozzarella and American-style cheese, topped with caramelised red onions, peppers, sweet onion sauce and black pepper.

Supremo (V) – The vegetarian submelt comes loaded with slices of mozzarella, American-style cheese, pesto made with basil, marinara sauce, peppers and black pepper.

Pizziola – A feast of smoky pepperoni, ham, salami, creamy mozzarella, American-style cheese and a mixture of peppers, red onions, and marinara sauce.

Wraps & Salads:

Rockin’ Moroccan (VE) Wrap – This delicious flavour-fest contains a spiced plant patty, sweet onion and garlic & herb sauces, crispy onions, crunchy lettuce, cucumber, and peppers, finished with marinara sauce wrapped up in a toasted tortilla wrap.

Emperor Wrap – Tasty chicken breast strips, sweet onion and teriyaki sauces, with crispy onions, iceberg lettuce, cucumber and fresh peppers served in a toasted tortilla wrap.

Great Goddess Salad – Tender chicken breast and basil pesto, sitting on a bed of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, fresh tomatoes and peppers – topped with grated mozzarella & cheddar cheese.

Fine Catch Salad – Crispy lettuce salad is topped with tuna mayonnaise, poached eggs, black olives, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and finished with a twist of black pepper.

Post source: Daily mail

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