Taurus is known for being a fixed, stubborn sign of the zodiac, and they’re comfortable with familiarity, stability and having things done their way (always).

“Venus rules Taurus, and Taurus is an earth sign with a fixed zodiac attribute,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Reader. So, they’re not easily changeable or often receptive to their partner’s differences, needs and opinions, when in contrast with their own.

“Taurus is hardworking, reliable, passionate, romantic, and consistent, but Taurus is also blunt, traditional, possessive, assertive, unidirectional, a homebody and stubborn,” says Newman.

Signs compatible with Taurus are generally more passive and laid back. They might let Taurus lead with decision-making within a relationship, often without speaking up for themselves.

Who is Taurus most compatible with?

1. Taurus with Pisces

“Pisces is a water sign and Taurus is a sensible and down-to-earth person ,” says Newman. They can be compassionate, loyal, trusting and selfless, but only when they get their way and are the dominant ones in the relationship. Thus, to provide these positive attributes, compatible signs with Taurus must be willing to make their lives match up with Taurus’ vision and needs.

One issue is Pisces’ emotional extremity, which can cause conflict if they defend and stand up for themselves and express their bruised feelings and ego to a stubborn, unwavering Taurus who would rather not listen or try to reshape their mindset and change their attitudes for the future.

“Taurus prefers a companion who is dependable and not emotional, but on the other hand, Taurus may get all the passion, loyalty, and loving nature they need from Pisces,” says Newman, depending on whether Pisces can hold back and go with the flow and let their Taurus lead.

“They tend to have a great time doing everything together and Taurus can inspire Pisces to visualize and make social connections, while Pisces can protect and help Taurus deal with others,” says Newman, for well-balanced chemistry.

2. Taurus with Virgo

“Both Taurus and Virgo are earth signs and both place a value on stability and security, and are intuitive and have the same amount of determination,” she says.

“This makes it easy for this kind of couple to understand each other, appreciate their enthusiasm, and even respect their ability to take on duties and be productive,” she adds.

The only thing is that Taurus won’t be able to persuade Virgo regarding their opinions, as both are stubborn in thought and less likely to change their viewpoints and give in during disagreements, as well as admit wrongdoings, too. Virgo is too intelligent and not malleable, like Pisces is.

“Virgo enjoys assisting people, but they are too intelligent to be duped, but if both signs prioritize their connection above all else, it’ll ensure that it will last forever,” she says. And they often do!

3. Taurus with Cancer

Cancer is a water sign, and both place significance on relationships with equivalent intensity level and efforts. “They both have the same traits, being loyal, loving, wise, emotional, and homely, and furthermore, while Cancer is an ambivert, whereas Taurus is an introvert, they both root for each other’s success,” says Newman.

The one issue is Taurus is notoriously possessive and jealous, and they can be very controlling towards their partners and rather judgmental. “Taurus’ possessive tendency can be a concern for Cancer; otherwise, both have great chemistry,” she says.

Who is Taurus least compatible with?

1. Taurus with Aries

Aries is a fire sign and Aries’ life is an adventure that’s routinely filled with opportunities for demonstrating boldness and bravery. “On the other hand, Taurus values comfort and peace of mind above all else,” she says. So, this risk-seeking and passionate drive from an Aries partner might be too challenging for Taurus to handle, and so they’re least compatible with Taurus.

“Both are stubborn by nature, and no one is ready to give up, which leads to further disputes, too,” she says. “Taurus is so uncompromising and rigid and thus unwilling to change mindsets, which may be Aries’ greatest difficulty with their relationship,” she says.

2. Taurus with Aquarius

“Aquarius is an air sign and likes to go with the flow, whereas Taurus is possessive and controlling,” says Newman, and they are often argumentative when things don’t go their way and can be rather judgmental, and less open to Aquarius’ open-mindedness and free-spirited, fun-loving, independent and spontaneous attitude.

Taurus is also less social and outgoing than the sign of friendship, Aquarius, who are more introverted extroverts and are very friendship-oriented, where they tend to be “social butterflies” when out.

“Taurus prefers to stay at home, and in addition, Taurus is possessive, inflexible, and introverted, whereas Aquarius is intellectual, gregarious, and values freedom,” says Newman. As a result, Aquarius is one of the least compatible with Taurus, and Newman suggests that it will be very difficult for them to find common interests in lifestyle, hobbies, values and in conversation.

“Their ideas collide, and they frequently engage in pointless disputes and fights,” Newman says. “To make this relationship work, both parties must be willing to change but unfortunately, neither person wants to be changed in the relationship and has chosen to remain apart.”

3. Taurus with Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so they have opposing views on many things, but most importantly, marriage. And of course, differences in opinions regarding the future with big life choices, like marriage, kids, financial matters and more, are going to prevent a partnership from being successful and satisfying for both individuals.

“Both have opposing views on marriage, with Taurus craving stability and security in love, and Sagittarius preferring to live freely and to rebel against norms,” she says. “Sagittarius enjoys adventure and discovering new things, whereas Taurus prefers to stay at home and enjoy the comforts of life.” Conflicting ideals for lifestyle won’t allow this partnership to work out.

What’s more, “Sagittarius thinks Taurus is dull and possessive, whereas Taurus thinks Sagittarius is not understanding,” Newman says, meaning communication likely won’t be natural or easy to work on for the pair to mend their problems.

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