The Government has confirmed drivers will need to carry a physical copy of a car insurance green card when driving in the EU including Ireland. The new rule change could affect thousands of drivers with just days to go before many return to work.

The effects of the rule change will be small with many still working from home, but could cause a headache for many underprepared workers.

A car insurance green card provides proof that drivers have the correct level of vehicle insurance when travelling abroad.

Drivers will not be automatically issued the cards from their insurance provider, with road users needing to specifically request one before use.

A physical copy of the card can be posted to drivers but the government has warned drivers to allow up to six weeks for this to arrive.

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The government warns drivers may need to show their green card at the border when moving between countries.

This must also be shown if you are stopped by the police or are involved in a car accident.

Some motorists may even need two green cards in some circumstances such as if they are towing a trailer.

Two cards may also be needed if drivers have two insurance policies or a multi-car agreement in place.

Unlike other European countries, those travelling to Ireland will not be required to fit a GB sticker to their cars.

Last night, the Transport Secretary confirmed the 27 EU member states had agreed to recognise UK licences without the need for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

Grant Shapps also confirmed a special “mutual exchange rights” deal with Ireland which will respect UK driving licences for those moving to the country.

In a statement, he said: “Helpful update for drivers: we have secured mutual exchange rights for driving licences with Ireland.

“UK licence holders will be able to take up residency in Ireland without having to retake their driving test and vice-versa.”

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