Known as spontaneous and social, Gemini will pick pieces of jewellery with interesting geographical connotations. Hatton Jewellers’ top pick jewellery for a Gemini would be a picture frame pendant where a picture from their travels can be placed.


People born under the sign of the crab are all about family, so their favourite thing in the world is those around them, and their jewellery will express that, possibly with matching pieces for family members or with meaningful shapes that hold happy memories. Hatton Jewellers’ top pick for Cancer would be a heart-shaped locket to match with their family members.


According to Inbaal, those under the sign of the lion are proud and regal. From their bright smiles to their bright home interiors, their jewellery tastes will also feature high-octane shine and heavier pieces. Hatton Jewellers’ top pick for Leo will be this solid gold heavy keeper ring.


The astrologer said: “Those born under the sign of the virgin are subtle and traditional. As Earth signs, they’re partial to a stone or two, and as a practical sign, they wouldn’t want a single piece to grab all the attention.” Hatton Jewellers’ top pick for Virgo is matching diamond earrings and a drop pendant.

Post source: Express

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