Some people are very honest by nature and will tell the truth no matter what the cost.

However, others are pretty expert when it comes to lying, and are able to craft marvellously believable stories at the drop of a hat. 

According to an astrologer at Astrotalk, there are four zodiac signs which possess the special skill of lying – and have no trouble telling untruths straight to peoples’ faces.

The astrologer claimed that Taurus is a master of “sugarcoating a fact”, but they’re quite selective when it comes to what they lie about.

For example, Taurus is much more likely to lie to a stranger than someone they love, suggested the astrologer, unless the lie is to spare a loved one’s feelings.

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Another reason this sign might lie is if they are working on a new project and want to tackle it alone.

According to the astrologer, Scorpio is another zodiac sign who can lie through their teeth, even if they pretend that they don’t.

Indeed, the expert stated: “They have a tendency to lure you into believing that they don’t spew lies and when you actually realise that they have been lying about not being liars, it would have been too late.”

Scorpio might lie more at the beginning of a relationship when they are trying to win a romantic prospect over, but is likely to drop the falsities when more settled.

Next up is Libra, who can “get very manipulative if they seek to get something done”, according to the astrologer.

Libra often cannot stand to be wrong, so to avoid being corrected or told off, they might bend the truth a little.

Capricorn is another expert liar, the expert claimed, and “will do anything and everything to get something done” – even if that means totally altering the truth.

According to astrology, Capricorn is greedy and lustful by nature, so their lies are sometimes governed by their strong feelings.

One thing other signs must know about them is that they are very good at lying, sometimes so good they don’t even realise they are doing it – “it comes naturally to them”.

Which zodiac sign is the “most hated” according to astrology?

Post source: Express

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