Dr Amen’s five-minute brain test uncovers personality traits – what’s your brain type?


Dr Amen’s free brain test can identify which brain type you’re likely to be, and what this says about your personality.

You can be one of 16 brain types, according to Dr Amen, which can have a major influence on who you are.

Brain type one

Those with brain type one “tend to live longer”, said Dr Amen. These brain types are conscientious, showing up on time and following through with tasks.

Mostly risk-averse, brain type one wants to play by the rules and doesn’t like to take big chances.

Brain type two

Easily distracted, people who have brain type two require excitement and stimulation in order to remain focused.

Brain type three

Common characteristics of those with brain type three are persistent, strong-willed, and sometimes can get caught in a loop of positive or negative thoughts.

Dr Amen said: “They tend to see what’s wrong with themselves or others.”

Those with this brain type “should never go on the Atkins diet because it’ll make you mean”.

Brain type four

Considered “highly sensitive and empathic”, they brain type fours can be prone to mood swings.

People who have brain type four may struggle with constant negative thoughts and could have pessimistic tendencies.

Brain type five

People with brain type five tend to be motivated towards a goal, but they may suffer from feelings of anxiousness and nervousness.

They try to combat this by trying to be more prepared, cautious and reserved.

Brain type six and beyond

These brain types may struggle with speaking before thinking, and may require excitement to stay focused.

They can be “strong-willed, choosy, and persistent”, may struggle with worrying and have sleep issues.

People with these brain types are more at risk of “attention issues or harmful thoughts and behaviours”.

Dr Amen is adamant that specialised dietary considerations for all brain types can help you have a healthier brain and feel better in everyday life.

Take Dr Amen’s five minutes brain test here. For more information on brain types visit Amen Clinics.

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