People are keen to get started on something new. This should not be an excuse to leave other jobs unfinished. People are looking to you for guidance. Lead by example. If and when a situation does not feel right to you, reframe it in a way that does make you happy.


You take your commitments seriously and you wish other people would do the same. A workmate just isn’t interested in fulfilling their obligations and since you took on this job jointly you may have to continue without their help. What’s annoying is they will be complimented eventually on a job well done.


A well-earned qualification will make a big difference to your future. You have a chance now to pursue your dream career. You have the tools to enable you to find a position most suited to you. The Universe will bring rewards for your dedication and determination.


Give projects a fair trial. You could miss out if you end an arrangement prematurely. Although you aren’t happy with a joint effort this does not mean you should give up. Get together with others who are involved to discuss a better way forward.


Family and domestic problems need to be resolved. If you continue to choose to ignore these they will intensify and could lead to new ones building. Devote more time to a partner who is starting to feel neglected. Talk to your housemates. Let others know that you do care.


You have always worked to a high standard. If you fall short of your goals you will try and try again until you get it right. Some useful information will come to you in an unexpected way. Be willing to make concessions if you find yourself having to train someone on the job.


You’re trying your best to cope in some difficult circumstances. This isn’t made easy when a colleague is exaggerating petty problems. Ignore their comments about what cannot be achieved and focus on what you can do. News relating to a neighbourhood matter will be misleading.


Some modest speculation could be rewarding but don’t risk money that is needed to pay essential bills. You will be feeling lucky and this should be a good time to sign legal and financial documents. A partner is ready to discuss an issue that has recently caused some conflict between you.


Some people will take offence even when none was intended. It doesn’t matter what you say, someone close will respond in a way that rubs you the wrong way. Do your best to avoid arguments over money, travel and in-laws. Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut.


Last minute preparations for a community event could put a strain on close ties. If someone in the family is celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, they won’t feel happy about you missing out on the celebrations because you have to be elsewhere.


A senior colleague will take charge in order to clear up a confusing matter. Until they turned up on the scene you have been completely without advice. A professional will bring everyone together to guide the team in the right way. This helps you get over difficult issues.


Take your time if you are tackling a task you have never done before. If there is anything you do not understand, ask someone to clarify hazy areas for you. Joining forces with an accomplished colleague will help you push through barriers that have been holding you back.

Post source: Express

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