How to clean grout without bleach – easiest solution for amazing results


Homemade cleaning hacks have dominated UK homes in recent years, with the likes of Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Crombie giving a host of household staples a new purpose.

White vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice have all proven themselves as stain-fighting cleaners – and toothpaste is no different.

Toothpaste is good for more than just your teeth thanks to its abrasive properties.

The thick paste used to polish our teeth can work wonders on dull grout, and social media star The Gooch has demonstrated how to use it to clean this area.

The TikToker titled their video: “The best and easiest way to clean your grout.”

The influencer began the video by using masking tape to cover half of a line of grout to make clear the effect toothpaste has.

He said: “You are going to thank me for this budget-friendly grout cleaning trick.

“Take a tube of toothpaste and spread it along the grout line, grab your toothbrush and just scrub into the grout line and then take a damp cloth to wipe it away.

“Once the grout is dry, it’ll be good as new.” The TikTok user then removed the masking tape and the side of the grout that had just been cleaned with the toothpaste looked significantly cleaner.

Any toothpaste can be used for this hack. found it cheapest to pick up toothpaste from Asda and Sainsbury’s as it retails for 50p.

Cleaning experts at Molly Maid also agreed that toothpaste can be used to clean stained grout as it is “effective”.

When finished with the hack, they suggested using liquid dish soap and water to wipe the area down clean so there is no toothpaste residue left.

Lynsey Crombie is also a fan of using toothpaste to clean grout. She claimed that the reason why this works so effectively is because of the bicarbonate of soda it contains.

She said: “White toothpaste is a minty miracle. Dampen a recycled toothbrush or damp grout cleaning brush with warm water.

“Apply toothpaste just as you would if you were brushing your teeth and work into the grout lines. Leave on the grout lines for just a few minutes before rinsing away.”

Lynsey suggested that for those looking to use a homemade cleaning product mix together baking soda and washing up liquid until you have a nice thick paste. Then apply to the grout lines, scrub in and rinse away.

She claimed: “This paste is also great for shinning up sinks and cleaning soap scum lines from the bath.”

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