How to remove grease from extractor fan in 10 minutes without a dishwasher


Extractor fans play a key role in keeping a kitchen at its best as it removes grease, steam and unpleasant cooking odours. 

But, to make sure the kitchen extractor fan is at its most effective, it’s important to regularly give it a thorough clean.

For those who are starting to notice that they’re finding smells lingering and condensation building in their kitchen, it’s probably time to give the extractor a thorough clean.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on how to clean this appliance.

Sharing a picture of her dirty extractor fan filters, Emily Brooks said: “What’s the best way to clean these extractor fan vents, please? Just moved into our new house and I can’t seem to get the grease out.”

Emily’s post received over 170 comments from group members sharing their recommendations. The most common seemed to be using use a product called Elbow Grease. 

Kayleigh Alice said: “I sprayed the Elbow Grease degreaser over mine and left for about 10 minutes then just used a non-scratch sponge and they came up beautifully.

“Made the mistake of putting mine in the dishwasher last time and whilst they came up very clean, they are now tarnished.”

Hayley Plowright wrote: “Elbow Grease, spray both sides and leave for five to 10 minutes, then go in with hot soapy water.”

Stephanie Berry said: “Elbow Grease. Spray on overnight for better results, or you can just do 10 minutes if you want and then wash them out with hot water. Comes right out and looks brand new.”

Posting before and after pictures, Sara O’Brian commented: “I used Elbow Grease and it was amazing. This was a post-tenant house clean and I would have been lost without it.

“I sprayed them, left them for 10 minutes and then just used a dish brush on them in hot water. But honestly, I could just wipe the grease away with my finger this is the best thing I have used in ages.

“It worked a treat on the extractor hood and the rest of the kitchen. I’ve stocked up.”

Anna Jones commented: “I spray mine with Elbow Grease. Leave to soak for a good five to 10 minutes and the grease just melts off. Then put in a bowl of hot soapy water and leave for a good hour or so and they come up sparkling.”

Gaynor Denny added: “Elbow grease spray, leave for half an hour and rinse with hot water – amazing results.”

Elbow grease typically retails for just over £1 in most supermarkets, however, households can pick this spray up at Amazon for 40p right now.

Post source: Express

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