Anne Lee said: “Citric acid, get the crystals from Wilko. Make a solution of about 10g in 100ml of hot water. Steep for an hour or so. I prefer it to white vinegar as there’s no smell.”

Citric acid can be picked up from stores such as Wilko for £1.75, and B and Q for £2.25 and for £2.30 at Ocado.

Other Mrs Hinch fans were all for using white vinegar to descale kettles. Dawn Pickup said: “Use white vinegar and water and boil the kettle then rinse with fresh water, works a treat.”

Tracey Bently said: “I use white vinegar. Use one whole bottle then top up with water to the fill line. Boil it, empty out repeat again if necessary. If not then just fill with normal water and boil, repeat this maybe two to three times and the scale will be gone and so will the vinegar taste too.”

Post source: Express

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