Safety systems rely on a group of cameras or sensors to work with this technology often installed inside a vehicle’s windscreen. This means the technology needs to be recalibrated if these parts are changed to ensure the tools continue to work.

“Advanced safety features are becoming more and more common in UK cars and so more needs to be done by both the industry and the Government to educate drivers on how to use the features correctly.

“Further regulations should be put in place to ensure drivers are being properly educated on the systems in their vehicle, which are there to keep them safe.”

Autoglass says there has been an inevitable increase in demand for recalibration as drivers learn about the demands of their safety systems.

However, they warn this must be done in some specific conditions which meet the manufacturer’s requirements.

Autoglass reveals a full windscreen replacement with recalibration will usually take around two hours to complete but this may take longer in some cases.

Mr Atherton added: “This year, Autoglass has continued its commitment to driver safety by expanding our market-leading service to new locations across the country, ensuring that drivers can book a windscreen replacement needing a recalibration conveniently.

“When booking an appointment, Autoglass takes the time to explain what advanced safety systems are and why it is important to have these systems recalibrated following repair work.

Data from AutoGlass also found over two-fifths of road users admit to switching off crucial safety systems.

A total of 41 percent of road users intentionally turn off tools such as emergency braking or lane assist technology despite the possible danger.

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