I’m A Celeb’s Nigel Farage shows off slim physique after trying a weight-loss hack


In the lead-up to Nigel Farage’s flight, the 59-year-old reportedly gave up one of his unhealthy habits, which has seemingly made him lose weight.

Spotted at the Westminster Arms in London, where he would usually enjoy a cold, refreshing pint of ale, Nigel was seen sipping on an orange juice.

Speaking up about the unusual sighting on Thursday, November 16, an insider said: “He hasn’t touched a drop of booze for days.”

Cutting out booze for a significant amount of time can lead to weight loss for many people.

Alcohol contains what is regarded as “empty calories”, as there is no nutritional value but enough calories in each consecutive drink to help you pile on the pounds.

Take a pint of ale, for example, which (according to Drinkaware) could contain over 250 calories.

The insider at The Sun said: “[Nigel] isn’t substituting pints with coffee, after completely cutting out caffeine.”

Dietitian Elizabeth Ward verified quitting caffeine could cause you to lose weight.

While a plain cup of coffee only has around two calories, which is insignificant, if you drink a fair amount of coffee, every day, those calories could add up.

Then, if you add sugar to your coffee, the amount of calories increases.

This isn’t the only time Nigel has cut out the booze that resulted in a slimmer physique.

In 2015, the former leader of the UKIP party had completed dry January, which is where he went teetotal for the whole month.

“I did do ‘dry January’ and have lost a substantial amount of weight doing so,” Nigel said at the time to MailOnline.

Nigel added: “I didn’t weigh myself at the start of January or at the end, but I am wearing suits that I haven’t squeezed into for years.”

Now, having to compete in Bushtucker trials while surviving on beans and rice, it’s only logical that Nigel could lose even more weight.

So far, Nigel has snacked on a camel teat, goat and chicken feet, and crocodile bum.

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Post source: Express

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