Astrology: People want to relate to horoscopes says Vyse

The New Year is here and Brits are anxious to find out what’s in store for this year. Astrology can give us an idea about what lies ahead for all of us. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her January 2021 predictions for each star sign.


The New Year isn’t going to bring much change for Aries, but don’t worry things will become more exciting in March.

Bex said: “Take a deep breath, Aries. You’ll start the year with an unmistakable urge to slow down and ground yourself as Mars, your ruling sign, moves into Taurus.

“Spending money on home-improvements is going to be tempting, but don’t succumb to impulse buying just yet.

“Channel your more practical and realistic side and apply yourself to financial goals – January is a fabulous time to accumulate wealth or step-up your money-making projects.”

You heard her, Aries – save your money and create a side hustle.


January is exciting for Taureans – you’re going to be super productive and in your element.

She said: “January begins with a burst of energy for the sign of the bull as the fiery warrior Mars moves into your sign.

“This gives you the impulse to propel plans forward, so make the most of this vitality and hit 2021 running.”

Taureans are known for being stubborn and self-assured, but this January you will be feeling particularly assertive, according to Bex.

Bex added: “Watch out for those stubborn tendencies or you’ll find yourself locking horns with loved ones.”

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January horoscope:

January horoscope: January is here and it’s time for another horoscope (Image: Getty)

January horoscope:

January horoscope: Taureans will be planning and getting things done (Image: Getty)


Early January is going to be emotional for you, Cancer, but this will change in mid-January and improve in Spring.

Bex said: “You might begin the year feeling a bit discombobulated, Cancer – after all, we’re starting 2021 directly after a Full Moon in your sign.

“These swirling energies last a while and since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, you’re always highly attuned to this lunar event.

“The sign of the crab is known for being one of the most emotional and nurturing of the zodiac, and also one of the most sensitive.

“Allow yourself space and time for self-care and don’t fall prey to your tendency to use those pincers to snap at others when you feel overwhelmed!”

In mid-January, Uranus ends its retrograde period in Taurus.

Bex said: “There are going to be some seriously unpredictable shifts as this rebellious planet stations direct.

“It’s happening in your 11th House, which governs humanitarian pursuits, technology, friendships and all things futuristic.

“Now is the ideal time to show up in the world and perhaps even be a little stubborn in your desire to make the revolutionary changes that you feel are necessary.”

January horoscope:

January horoscope: Mercury Retrograde will disrupt travel, order, and communication- you’ll be forgetful, Gemini (Image: Getty)


Mercury is in Retrograde between January 30 and February 21, and this is going to be tricky to navigate for Geminis.

Bex said: “You begin the year with Mercury, your ruling sign, stationing retrograde (meaning it appears to move backwards in the cosmos).

“This generally invokes panic when it comes to travel, tech and communication, so if you’re planning any trips in February then check, double-check and triple-check your booking.

“That means tickets, times and dates, Gemini!”

This retrograde is occurring in fellow air-sign Aquarius and Gemini’s ninth house relating to long-distance travel and foreign lands.

Bex explained: “If you are planning a big move then ensure insurance, contracts and paperwork are all watertight.

“Additionally, back up your computer files and – if it’s an option – make a phone call rather than email or text.

“Things can get lost in translation much easier via the written word, and you may find people misinterpret your perspective on an important subject.”


The New Year is going to be interesting for Leo, and you may feel pretty exposed.

Bex said: “A Leo Full Moon brings the themes of joy, creativity, fun and, it has to be said, drama to proceedings, and Full Moons offer nowhere to hide.

“There’s a tendency to want all eyes to be on you as January ends, but don’t ruffle feathers when taking centre stage. Diplomacy is something to be considered!

“The Moon is also forming a square with Mars in Taurus, and square aspects notoriously bring conflict.

“Mars is the warrior planet and, when sitting in Taurus, this indicates susceptibility to irritation, aggression and stubbornness.

“Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, or lose friends and supporters due to pride, Leo!”

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Virgos are going to spend January making lists and setting goals.

Bex said: “Expect to start the year with a keen desire to get yourself organised, Virgo.

“You might well ask ‘what’s new?’, but 2021 begins with your ruling planet Mercury moving into your sixth House of Aquarius.

“This is a superb placement for decluttering, writing to-do lists and managing tasks.

“Never mind a spring clean – you’re having a January refresh! To make the most of this then let yourself be really open-minded and liberal when setting your goals for the rest of the year. Let your ideas run wild!”

Your health is going to be a major interest for you in January too, Virgo.

Bex urged: “Go for that check-up, start a new exercise plan or integrate a radical wellness routine into your schedule – then actually stuck to it!”


Libra is going to be spending plenty of time at home in January, as expected.

This is going to be a good thing for you, and you’re going to improve your home.

Bex said: “Prepare to get cosy, Libra – January sees you seeking balance and harmony in your home life, as your ruling planet Venus moves into Capricorn.

“This is your fourth House governing security and nurture, so hunkering down and retreating from the world will be more than appealing.

“Redecorating and getting creative with interiors in order to fashion a tranquil sanctuary will be the order of the day.”

January horoscope:

January horoscope: Virgos will be concerned with health in January 2021 (Image: Getty)


Uranus stations direct in Taurus in January and Scorpios may experience changes in their relationships.

Bex said: “This is your seventh house so it means rumbles in your relationships.

“Uranus is the planet of change, surprise and rebellion, so when it goes direct it tends to shake things up a little.

“Expect some sort of reverberations within partnerships – be this romantic or in your career.

“A new opportunity might present itself, but this could mean something needs to end first. Don’t fear it!”


Sagittarians are going to love January, Bex said.

She said: “The year begins with Venus in your sign, so chances are you’ll be feeling a lot more good-natured towards the world generally, Sagittarius.

“Use this as an opportunity to spread the positive vibes!

“If you feel a desire to switch up your style or appearance in 2021 then go for it!

“January is the ideal time for reinvention, after all.”

January horoscope:

January horoscope: Capricorns can expect romance (Image: Getty)


Capricorns are going to be thinking lots about their personal relationships in January.

Bex said: “Start 2021 showing your softer, more altruistic side as Venus enters your first House.

“You’re going to feel particularly romantic and charming during January and, with Venus’s position in Capricorn, this will spark a desire to work on your commitments in relationships.

“However, if socialising or dabbling in your love life is off the cards then channel this energy into creative pursuits.

“January is a great time to make music, paint or sing – even if you simply take up an artistic hobby as a New Year’s Resolution!”

Look out for January 13, Capricorn – the New Moon is a very exciting day for you.

Bex said: “The New Moon in Capricorn is ideal for planning your goals and setting intentions for the rest of 2021.

“This promises to be a really successful year if you’re clear early on about what you want to get out of it.

“This moon’s energy is geared towards ambition and career, so decide what it is you’d like to achieve and make some grand plans!”


Aquarians are going to be in their element this month – after all, it is the Age of Aquarius!

Bex said: “We start the year with Mercury shimmying into Aquarius, giving you a hunger to increase your knowledge.

“You might have a craving to start a new course, embark on a scholarly pursuit or simply watch plenty of documentaries.

“Saturn – planet of life lessons – and idealist Jupiter are already in your socially-conscious sign.

“This means you might find that the topic that you choose to learn about has a humanitarian leaning.

“In sharing your findings, you could end up spending the year educating others and helping raise the communal consciousness.”


Pisceans are beaming with light and energy this month, and it’s going to spread to everyone around them.

Bex said: “The year begins with Mars entering Taurus, in your third House that rules community, sibling relationships and communication.

“You might feel motivated to share ideas with family, colleagues and even your superiors – indeed, you’re going to be pretty influential and articulate.

“Make sure you channel your energy though, otherwise you could suffer burnout or frustration because you’re not getting your thoughts across.”

Bex suggested keeping your ears open for information from your close network, especially regarding ways to boost your finances.”

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