Former royal butler Grant Harrold, speaking on behalf of Delcor, revealed his insider tips on royal etiquette and claimed that members of the Royal Family may have to follow these strict rules even when they are at home. 

Kate and William presumably have guests over at Adelaide Cottage sometimes, but according to the butler, there are a few etiquette rules they must follow. In terms of snacks, for instance, “bowl foods and canapes are permitted on a royal sofa,” Grant revealed.

Napkins should always be folded in half, the crease should face towards the gentleman, and away from the lady.

“This is because ladies traditionally apply lipstick. By folding the napkins in a certain way, they can lift up one corner, dab their lips, and then place the napkin back down to conceal their lipstick stain,” he explained.

According to the royal butler, when royals host an event at the Palace, guests should arrive at the “exact time given” but in some cases, “a delay of up to 10 minutes may be acceptable”.

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If guests are going to be any later, “they should inform in advance,” the former royal butler said. 

He revealed that the “pinky finger” is a “myth” and claimed that royals don’t hold a pinky when they drink their tea or coffee at home.

Grant explained: “The tradition of holding out your pinky finger while drinking tea or coffee is a common practice that many people associate with proper etiquette.”

However, “holding a pinky is a myth” and it goes back to the days when cups did not have handles. “I tell people who do this that they are not testing the wind direction, they are enjoying a cup of tea or coffee,” he said.

Finally, the royal butler explained that sitting on the sofa at the Palace is “no straightforward task” and shared the appropriate royal etiquette.

“As you approach the sofa, have a glance at it to make sure that everything is in order and that you’re ready to sit.

“Before sitting down, use your calves to gently touch the front of the sofa. This ensures that you’re in the right position to sit down with grace, and also helps to prevent any accidental missteps.”

He continued; “When sitting down on the sofa, be sure to keep your back straight and your posture upright. Once you’re seated, you can raiseyourself slightly and push yourself back onto the sofa to achieve a comfortable and relaxed position.

“Try not to cross your legs whilst sitting on the sofa, unless it’s a less formal event. If possible, limit the number of people sitting on the sofa to two as two is company, three is a crowd.

“Lastly, when it comes to handbags and accessories, make sure they’re not causing any unnecessary clutter. Place handbags on the floor, and if you would like to keep a small bag with you, consider placing it behind your back or on your lap.”

Post source: Express

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