Gardening expert Monty Don has shared more tips with Britons on how to look after their house plants. Gardening and caring for house plants surged in popularity in 2020 as more people spent time at home. Monty often shares his top gardening tips and advice on a plethora of TV shows.

“You want to encourage lush growth and lots of greenery.”

Monty then recommended what type of feed to use in order to keep your plant healthy.

Some plants need fertilisers with certain content.

Depending on the house plant, you may need a fertiliser with more or less nitrogen, magnesium phosphorus and potassium content.

If leaves look like they’re yellowing then they will need a nitrogen-rich feed which also has magnesium in it.

Meanwhile, flowering plants need a weekly feed that’s rich in potassium.

Succulents and cacti don’t need feeding to survive.

Those that flower can be fed to encourage flowers to bloom.

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