How to poach eggs has long been a debate amongst Britons with many taking to social media to share their own go-to method.

While some prefer traditional forms of cooking using a pan of boiling water, others swear by the addition of vinegar and careful water-swirling actions for perfect results.

That said, one chef has claimed that her method of using a microwave is perfectly viable for a quick poached egg.

In a video posted on her page, Pallavi @‌psistsmylife, debunked claims that microwave-poached eggs “don’t work”.

She said: “Really, making poached eggs in the microwave is super simple and environmentally friendly. So let me teach you how to do it.”

Pallavi started by taking a small, heatproof glass bowl and cracking one egg directly into it.

She then took a jug of cold water and carefully poured this into the bowl to cover the egg, noting that one of the main “rules to follow” is to completely submerge the eggs in the water.

The TikTok chef then placed the bowl in the microwave on full power for 50 seconds.

Pallavi warned: “Don’t let the water get too hot. So split the cooking time. You are aiming for a total of one minute and 10 seconds.”

For the best results, she suggested following her 50-20 approach by microwaving the eggs for 50 seconds initially, then opening the microwave for a quick break and heating them for a further 20 seconds.

The TikTok chef said: “There is something called trial and error. If your egg explodes, reduce the cooking.

Fans of the cooking hack took to the comments to share their own tips for perfect poached eggs.

One person suggested poking the yolk with a toothpick to stop them from exploding when cooking, while others praised the tip.

A second TikTok fan wrote: “As a microwave girlie, thank you.” A third opined: “I wish I saw this earlier.”

Post source: Express

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