Quick air fryer recipe for ‘delicious’ mince pies – just four ingredients


Baking doesn’t always have to take hours, especially when there’s an air fryer on hand to speed up the process.

While mince pies are traditionally a labour of love cooked in the oven, this recipe is both quick to assemble and bake.

Sharing it on her blog Sew White, foodie and recipe creator Sisley claimed: “They’re delicious. I love making mince pies, the mix of warm spiced mincemeat, crisp shortcrust pastry and adding the little star-shaped lids.”

Unlike most formulas, Sisley’s mince pies use just four ingredients to make the sweet Christmassy treats.

Some may call it cheating, but using readymade pastry is the best way to make the whole process super quick.


Makes 12 mince pies:

  • One sheet of shortcrust pastry (approximately 350g)
  • Flour for dusting
  • 300g mincemeat
  • One egg

While the ingredients couldn’t be more simple, there are a few tools required to make the pies, namely a pastry cutter, rolling pin and 12 cupcake cases.

How to make air fryer mince pies

These pies take just 30 minutes from start to finish, with 15 minutes needed to assemble them and equal time to bake.

Start by unrolling the shop-bought pastry sheet, then lightly dust the cake cases with flour. Silicone moulds are ideal for this, though paper ones will do.

For extra support when removing the cooked pies from the tin, it may be useful to cut one greaseproof paper strip for each hole and place it at the base of each case.

Next, take a large pastry cutter that’s just a little wider than the rounds of the cases, and cut out the bases.

Gently push them into the cases, then use the remaining pastry to cut out 12 lids – either in star-shapes or as a smaller circular top and set aside.

Add the mincemeat to the pastry bases, filling each one three-quarters to the top.

Place the pastry lids on top of each filled pie, then gently whisk the egg and brush it on top of each lid.

Air fry the pies six at a time at 180C for 15 minutes. Sisley suggested checking them after 10 minutes to see if they need longer until they turn golden brown.

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